Property FAQ

- Answers available for most of the questions about property investment -
Q.) What should I (we) know for first ? - important to know

A.) It is difficult for the foreign people to make any bank loan in Japan.
You have to find the way of finance in some other ways.

Q.) What is the building regulations ? - height & sizes

A.) As follows

– Building Area Size Regulations
There are “Building to Land ratio” and “Floor to Land ratio” in each zones and areas differently.
ex. If the Building to Land ratio is 60%, and the Floor to Land ratio is 200%, 2,000 sq m sized land could build the building on the area size within 1,200 sq m and the total floor area must be with in 4,000 sq m.

– Building Height Regulations
It depends on the setback from the road, which usually allows two to three story building to be built, although each property’s height regulation is different, and best to make sure with the construction companies.
If the building on the land is heigher than 10m, the shadow sizes and how they moves during the daytime on its neighbors are related as well.

Q.) Can foreigner make any bank loan in Japan ? - hard to make

A.) No. Usually the foreigner cannot make the bank loan in Japan. Some foreign investors succeeded in making loans from the banks in their country with putting some of their properties in their country as the guarantee.

Q.) How much return can we expect ? - most important

A.) It all depends on the property types and what market you are targetting. Lately some properties show 5 – 7 % annual returns, and some of them are guaranteed for some period. We, All About Furano Management, help you to make some calculation for your annual returns on your investment.

Q.) What would be the property price in the near future in Furano ?

A.) Hard to expect if it will rise or not, but at least it could not be lower than this average price range at this moment. The price of the properties around here are now very reasonable prices.

Q.) What is Innkeeper's License ?

A.) In Japan, most houses and apartments are suitable for long-term rentals without special license. However, for short-term rentals like holiday house rentals, an Innkeeper’s License is necessary as the property is recognised as a “hotel” (“accommodation”) under Japanese law. If the building was originally designated as a residential property at construction, it will need to be changed to a hotel in order to receive the license. This involves an inspection by the fire department to ensure that the property conforms to the necessary standards (such as fireproof carpets, exit lighting, etc.). In addition, the innkeeper’s license needs to be registered to someone who resides in Japan.
All About Furano Management, do all the management works for your properties including this registration works for the license. Put all the works on us, and you can make some returns out of your property.

Q.) Who will manage the properties if I (we) purchase some ?

A.) We, All About Furano Management, do all the management works for your properties. Put all the works on us, and you can make some returns out of your property.

About buying “Agricultural land” or “Agricultural field” in Japan

Buying the land which category is “agricultural land” or “agricultural field” in Japan would give you a bit hard time to understand what it is and how different the process of purchasing it.

The details of the process will be informed to you, but what you have to know first is you will need at least “bank account balance certificate”, and “the building plan with its cost estimation”.

Also, it takes 3 months to go through at least if everything is going well and you could talk to architect and construction company well to make the plan smoothly.

Still, with these further steps than the one to buy the other regular category of lands, and some more time than that, you can purchase it.

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